Kia Carens

Kia’s Carens is the latest in the Korean manufacturers’ mid-sized MPV range. The new design aims to offer increased sophistication, comfort and accommodation while delivering good value for money.

Kia is already well respected in the MPV sector, Kia is pushing higher in the sales charts with the introduction of the Carens. The Carens has an improved exterior design and boasts enhancements in almost all areas.

The Kia Carens now boasts a much more attractive exterior design than its predecessor. The Carens retains a chunky feel yet manages to disguise its size well.

The Carens interior design focuses on passenger comfort. The use of seven individual seats allows each occupant to adjust for comfort and space, while there are numerous configurations of folded or removed seats to add versatility and to create a large load space when necessary.

The 2.7-litre V6 petrol engine gains 40bhp over the previous 2.5-litre engine, while the 2.9-litre diesel is enhanced by 40bhp. There is also a diesel engine option available.


The Carens comes with a low asking price. The car also enjoys low running costs and should be very fuel efficient with the diesel engine option. The car should prove to be a very economical venture.

The Carens offers good cabin space and enough passenger space for seven passengers to ride comfortably. The seats can be reconfigured or removed to increase the car’s cargo carrying capabilities.

The car’s main controls and dials are large and functional. The car’s displays are large and easy to read. Everything is logically located high on the fascia.

The car delivers a comfortable ride. The cabin provides an impressive level of comfort, and road imperfections are successfully absorbed improving the quality of the ride.

The Kia Carens provides easy access to the front and middle rows of seats. Rear seat passengers must first slide the middle seats forward in order to gain access to the car’s rear most seats. Overall access is good and shouldn’t pose a problem for most passengers.

The Carens is a large vehicle but isn’t too difficult to park. The car’s light steering and good visibility make parking a simple task. Parking sensors come as standard and help out a lot.

Life Style

The Carens offers an excellent driving experience. The 2.0-litre diesel engine delivers impressive acceleration and a comfortable ride with plenty of power. The car’s steering is accurate and its braking system is excellent. The Carens offers a very decent driving experience but is geared more toward comfort than performance.

The Carens is an excellent family vehicle. It offers seven seat functionality at an affordable price. The car also offers tons of cabin space and the versatility of the seats ensures the necessary cargo carrying capacity for those large or odd shaped family items.

This is not the best first car. The Carens is much too large for what most first time buyers need. The car isn’t difficult to drive at all, but will be too large for a first car. If on the other hand you aren’t a new driver and need something even bigger you can get good deals on the second hand Kia Sedona which is huge.

The Carens boasts really good quality and doesn’t reflect its bargain price. Kia is known as a budget producer but their ability to produce quality, durable and stylish vehicles is becoming better known.

Security and Safety

The car’s standard security features include an engine immobiliser fitted as standard, with remote central locking and an alarm system on GS and LS models.

 The car comes equipped with six airbags, Isofix child seat mountings and a passenger airbag cutoff switch.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a radio and CD player with large easy to use controls. The unit provides good sound quality.

The cabin of the Carens is comprised of mostly light grey and gives the cabin a light and airy feel. The majority of the car’s trim is of good quality. LS models are available with black cloth trim.


Many buyers will take notice of the Carens and its good value for money. The car also offers good specification and a diesel engine option. It will be difficult for buyers not to notice all that the Carens has to offer.