Kia Used Vehicles

I have been having a little trouble with my car lately – I’m currently driving a Renault Megane which I purchased as a used model about three and a half years ago now. It is a 2006 model year so it was roughly five years old when I bought it. Until fairly recently it has never really caused me any problems, but that last few months it has broken down twice on the way to work and a number of other little problems have begun to occur. It has been a real nightmare and consequently I’ve resorted to looking for a new car – but I want something which I know I can rely on. My friend’s wife owns a used Kia Pro Ceed and I remember her mentioning a while back that she never has any worries because Kia offer an unrivalled seven year or 100,000 mile warranty. It pretty much made my mind up for me, so I’ve been researching Kia vehicles and thought I’d share my thoughts for any like-minded people who are after a reliable motor.

The Carens is a large MPV with space for seven passengers. It was launched in 1999 and is now in its third generation. Used Kia Carens cars are priced on average at around £7,000 – although you can pay far less than this for a first generation model. A Carens would make an excellent family car but it’s a little too large for me and my needs.

A vehicle much more suited to me would be a used Kia Ceed. It is a similar sized car to my Megane and has received much critical acclaim and several very good reviews since its debut. As well as providing a spacious cabin and strong performance at a competitive price, it also comes very well equipped. Moreover, some of the engines are incredibly frugal and emissions are low which equates to cheap road tax.

One of the models I have seen a lot of positive reviews about reliability for is the Magentis, a 4-door saloon. You will find that the average price for a used Kia Magentis is rather low – under £3,000 – and this is because it is not produced as a new car anymore (it was replaced by the Optima). There is plenty of safety equipment provided with the Magentis and the cabin is a comfortable one, however its general appearance is rather bland and the overall driving experience isn’t exactly an enthralling one. You certainly can’t complain for value though.

Another saloon car which represents great value is the Mentor. Like the Magentis, it is not produced anymore and consequently used Kia Mentor models often cost less than £1,000. Fuel economy is reasonable and there’s a good level of safety equipment provided, but the exterior appearance isn’t the most attractive one. The Mentor probably isn’t a model I would go for myself, as I’m looking for something a little more modern, however you can’t deny that it is cheap to buy and cheap to run.

A car which I certainly could see myself driving is the Soul. What I like about the Soul is that it had quite a unique and distinctive body style which sets it apart from the crowd. There’s loads of space inside the cabin, particularly in terms of head room due to the high roof, and it is well priced in my opinion. Even used Kia Soul models which are less than three years old with low mileage can be picked up for around £6,000. Most engines in the range are not particularly economical, but reliability is excellent.

Finally, probably one of Kia’s most recognisable models on the road today is the Sportage. It is a medium sized crossover car which, in my opinion, is the best looking Kia in the current range. Practicality is strong – there is plenty of room both inside the cabin and the boot – while performance is up there with the class leaders. Additionally all versions come with a favourable amount of standard equipment. Used Kia Sportage prices vary quite significantly, with recent models usually costing between £10,000 and £15,000.